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Radius8 Welcomer
The Radius8 Welcomer is a geo-targeted, mobile-first, digital solution for your website that provides businesses a quick way to deploy and manage hyper-localized content based on the consumer's physical location. The R8 Welcomer enables businesses to quickly react as needed to deliver updated location-specific or global messaging more efficiently than they are able to today.
About Radius8
Radius8  is a Location Engagement Platform (SaaS offering) that provides businesses the ability to dynamically feature critical content and updates on their websites based on the consumer’s location, proximity to the business' physical location, or other geo-fenced regions, markets, or places of interest. Radius8 can generally be implemented in less than 30 days
Hunkemoller Welcomer


We are using Radius8 to bridge the digital divide that exists in the store-to-digital shopping experience. Since our deployment, we have seen significant increase in physical store sales – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


VP of Ecommerce


R8 Proactively Serves Up Locally Relevant
Information & Connects Consumers With Their Local Store
Local Promotions &
Safety Measures

Delivery Hyperlocal promotions to your consumer to drive traffic to store + inform of store safety protocols

Store Status & Trends
Let your customer know when they are near an open store + hot items around them
Store Services
Inform customer of their local store services + new specials around them
Increase local engagement by more than 400%
Measure & Monetize intent for each location
10X - 30X return on investment per year

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